Hot Spot Music does everything it can to support great art by great artists.  Part of this is making it easy for people to hire live music and the other part is making it easy for musicians to manage the business of providing it.  

Music for Hire: Please Contact Us if you'd like to consider including live music at your next event.  We're happy to help you plan the perfect atmosphere, be it an elegant classical trio or a smokin' hot jazz quintet.  Choose from our list of artists below, or just pick our brains for some general advice about other local bands that might be just the right fit. 

Artist Services: Are you a professional musician who wants to take the "business" out of your music business?  Contact Us for help with fundamental administrative support that lets you focus on what you do best.  Need help promoting your gigs? We've got it covered.  Revamping your website? Shipping out CDs?  Coordinating tour stops in the MIdwest?  You betcha!  We've done it all and we're happy to help.  We customize our services to match your budget and tackle your areas of greatest need.


  • Manage gig contracts and invoices
  • Create and send out "week of" gig itineraries for you and your band 
  • Assist with tour planning and logistics (booking hotels, etc.)
  • Assemble and distribute press kit materials
  • Create event posters, press kits, press releases and other marketing materials
  • Create and distribute a monthly e-newsletter to your mailing list
  • Update website information and gig dates
  • Assist with website strategy and redesign
  • Manage CD inventory and fill orders
  • Manage physical CD production and song licensing 
  • Assist with grant writing and management
  • Please note: Hot Spot Music does not currently offer booking services.

hot spot music promotes the following artists: